Handmade process time frame is 2 weeks for all bags except the Fairfax Tote, please allow 3 weeks. Each bag is made to order by hand. Each bag is hand cut, burnished and sewn by hand. This is slow fashion and each piece is created with love and care.

Original Half Moon Crossbody/Waistbag is a super minimal bag and meant to hold a cellphone, cash/cards, key + chapstick. This style is flat and not meant to hold too many items. The leather will soften over time and may allow room for more storage.

Extended Half Moon Crossbody/Waistbag design has depth and able to hold more items like a small wallet, cellphone and keys.

12'“ Extended Half Moon is a minimal design and flat however this is a larger bag and allows for a few more bulky items like a wallet, cellphone, keys and sunglasses.

Each belt strap will adjust from 24 inches to 50/60/70 inches. If you receive your belt and you want to shorten the length, feel free to cut off any unwanted length with a pair of scissors or contact me for pricing on a longer or shorter length belt.

Tree Fairfax leather goods are created from traditional harness leather that has a blend of waxes and oils, this is a very durable leather and does not require a lot of conditioning. This beautiful leather starts off stiff and will soften over time. Each bag will be unique to each person that carries it. It’s a beautiful and natural process, enjoy.